Step-by-Step Guide

Like last year during October, Agricultural Shows across NSW will again be displaying a No Show Scarecrow in a prominent site in their community as an acknowledgement of the unfortunate cancellation of many shows in 2021, and a sign of solidarity for the network of shows across the country.

Ways to engage the community.

  • Share the press release and photos with local media
  • Take lots of photos for Social Media
  • Colouring competition - click here for free printable colouring pages of scarecrows
  • Scarecrow at sponsor's location with a thank you for supporting
  • Map of scarecrow location to walk/drive by
  • Scarecrow competition during October to encourage more scarecrows
  • Ask main street shops to create a display space to accommodate the Scarecrows
  • Encourage schools to create No Show Scarecrows

Here’s how to join in. 

1.  Upcycle your scarecrow from last year

2. Create a scarecrow using recycled materials

Step 1.  Build the frame.

  • Vertical timber: find some scrap wood, around 2m-3m high. 
  • Horizontal timber: use an old rake handle or a garden pole to create shoulders.
  • Secure the skeleton: bring it all together using screws, bailing twice or hot glue.

Step 2. Add a shirt.

  • Shirt selection: find a daggy old shirt and place it on the horizontal stick. 
  • Button it up: tie or sew the arm ends and the bottom of the shirt using baling twine or wire.
  • Fill him up: use straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips and rags. 

Step 3. Add overalls. 

  • Cut a hole: create a gap in the seat for the vertical stick to pass through. 
  • Tie the cuffs: use twine or wire to close the ankle holes. 
  • Fill him up: use straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips and rags. 

Step 4. Give him hands. 

  • Find some gloves: you can use old work gloves or gardening gloves. 
  • Fill the gloves: use straw, hay, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips and rags. 
  • Tuck in the ends: join to the shirt sleeves and secure with wire or twine.

Step 5. Give him feet.

  • Old work boots: find boots or other used shoes to connect to the pant cuffs.
  • Secure the footwear: try hot glue or use string to sew the footwear to the cuffs.

Step 6. Give him a face. 

  • Plastic bags: grab an old grocery bag and fill it with other plastic bags.
  • A face sack: stuff the plastic bags into a potato, coffee or chaff bag or pillowcase.
  • Secure the face: tie the face tightly to the top of the vertical pole with twine or wire.

Step 7. Finishing touches. 

  • Add facial features: give him a nose, eyes, and mouth. 
  • Give him hair: glue on some straw or an old mop head. 
  • Accessorise: a hat, a pipe, some glasses, a handkerchief.

Step 8. Prominent position.

  • Display your No Show Scarecrow in a high traffic location in the main street or a shop window.
  • Send the press release and a photo of your scarecrow to your local newspaper.
  • Put a story on your show society website, and share pictures on social media #noshowscarecrow

Your No Show Scarecrows should be designed, constructed, stuffed and displayed from 1 October 2021.

Email your photographs to and when you publish on social media, remember to tag in @ASC and use the #noshowscarecrow.


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