Incident Forms

For all incidents that occur at your showground please complete this Incident Form


Insurance Claim & Official Forms

Property Damage Claim Form (JLT)

Accident and Illness Claim Form (QBE)

Professional Indemnity Change of Circumstances (CGU)


Rain Fund

Rain Protection Fund - Please note that Rain Insurance is not automatically updated each year. You must take out Rain Insurance each year if you wish. No renewal will be sent to you.

Rain Fund Example 


Risk Management

Occupational, Heatlh & Safety - Risk Manual


Show Checklists

As requested by Show Society members, we have now made the insurance checklists supplied by your insurer available in word documents.  These may now be edited to suit your needs.

Emergency Management Checklist

Fire Prevention Safety Checklist

Fireworks & Stunt Acts Checklist

Food & Catering Checklist

Grandstands & Seating Checklists

Missing Child Form

Parkings Areas Checklist

Site Holder Safety Checklist

Volunteer Sign on Form



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