Competition Guidelines (Insurer Approved Rules & Regulations):


Other Competition Entry Forms

RAS/AgShows NSW Champion Show Fleece - This RAS/AgShows NSW competition is open to any champion show fleece from a NSW Agricultural Show within the year (year is calculated post Sydney Royal until the closing date as per the RAS Entry Form.

  1. RAS/AgShows NSW - Country Show Champion Entry Form 
  2. Further information to Ag Societies regarding the class

 RAS/AgShows NSW Rich Fruit Cake Competition

  1. Rich Fruit Cake Recipe & Instructions - Updated April 2023
  2. Rich Fruit Cake Handbook - Updated December 2023

RAS/AgShows NSW Wool Article/Garment Competition

  1. Wool Article/Garment Regulations - Updated January 2023

AgShows NSW Quilted Patchwork Competition

  1. AgShows NSW Quilted Patchwork competition regulations - updated December 2023



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