Waivers should be completed by anyone at your Show who is:

* competing in horse events

* responsible for handling animals

* competing in physical activities such as rodeo, Wife Carrying, demolition derby, wood chop, young farmers' challenge, chainsaw racing, hay stacking, etc. 


We have created a single waiver that covers all these activities.  You can either use the individual version of this waiver or a bulk entrants version is also available.

MULTI-PURPOSE WAIVER (individual) FILLABLE PDF                                                             

MULTI-PURPOSE WAIVER (bulk entrants)

The individual multi-purpose waiver is a FILLABLE PDF.  If you are unsure how to use FILLABLE PDFs, please refer to the information documents below:  one for Show Societies and one for Competitors.

Instructions for Show Societies

Instructions for Competitors and Entrants

Note:  Waivers need to be kept for 3 years for competitors 18 or over. For competitors under 18 years old, the waiver needs to be kept until the competitor is 21 years old.

Note:  Waivers do not need to be signed by Pavillion entrants or for entry into a petting zoo.


Ringside Parking Release & Indemnity Agreement

Ringside Parking Release & Indemnity Agreement - June 2022




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