Congratulations to the 2024 AgShows NSW Award winners 

2024 Dedication Award

This award recognises a person who has shown exceptional dedication to their Show Society. This may include hours of service given to the Show, years of service and other demonstrable means of loyalty and dedication.

This year there were 22 nominations for this award with four finalists selected.

Owen Nicholson, Dungog A&H Association

Owen Nicholson: A Pillar of the Dungog Show!

  • Unwavering Dedication: Over 24 years as Show Secretary, countless years on the general committee.
  • Double Duty: Leads the Showground Trust Committee, safeguarding the showground's heritage.
  • Commitment Above All: Never misses a show, regardless of personal challenges.
  • Hands-On Hero: Works tirelessly, even in his 80s, to maintain the showgrounds (mowing, digging, marking).
  • Walking Encyclopedia: Possesses an invaluable wealth of knowledge about the Show Society.

Owen Nicholson truly exemplifies dedication. 

President’s Innovation Award

This award is for innovation by a Show Society Member of the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW Ltd.  The innovation could be for example, an event, an innovative campaign or advertising, advancements in technology, procedural changes, intellectual concepts, environmental practices, and so forth, that has taken the Show Society or many Show Societies to the next level.

Cobargo Agricultural, Pastoral & Horticultural Society Inc.

About the Show Society:

Celebrating 125 Years

  • Large committee dedicated to the Show and community (around 50 people).
  • Faced challenges adapting to growth and attracting younger volunteers.
  • Recognised the need to leverage technology and offer incentives.

How they were innovative:

  • Show entries tripled in recent years, requiring more volunteers.
  • Formed a new sub-committee to specifically target and recruit volunteers.
  • Implemented a multi-pronged approach using modern technology:
    • Volunteer webpage with fillable form.
    • Regularly updated Facebook page with volunteer calls to action.
    • Engaging video featuring committee members explaining why they volunteer.
  • Hosted a volunteer BBQ to meet new and existing volunteers.
  • Introduced volunteer incentives:
    • Free gate entry ticket.
    • Volunteer lanyard.
    • Lunch voucher, t-shirt, or drink bottle (for 4+ hours).

Benefits of innovation initiatives:

  • Increased volunteer participation across all ages and skillsets.
  • Volunteers felt valued and appreciated, fostering a sense of community.
  • Increased Facebook engagement leading to more sponsorships.
  • Established a strong foundation for future volunteer recruitment.

2023 Resilience Award

This award recognises a Show who has shown resilience during 2023.

Eugowra Show Society Inc.

Eugowra: A Community Overcomes!

  • In the wake of the November 2022 floods, the Eugowra Showground became a vital lifeline.
  • The pavilion and facilities served as an evacuation centre and staging ground for recovery.
  • They provided shelter, accommodation, and space for government support services.

A Show Society Steps Up

  • Eugowra Show Society played a critical role in community recovery and well-being.
  • They offered a haven for residents, fostering comfort and unity during a difficult time.

Resilience and Renewal

  • The Showground continues to be a central hub for community events and gatherings.
  • It provides a safe and welcoming space for healing and coming together.

Celebrating Community

  • Eugowra Show Society proudly hosted the 108th Show, offering free entry to residents.
  • This event served as a source of joy and unity following the trauma of the floods.

A Year of Challenge and Strength

  • The Eugowra Show Society exemplifies resilience and adaptation, putting community first.


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